Cufflink Jewellery Box - Savoy

Cufflink Jewellery Box - Savoy

76 x 76 x 29mm

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An opulent cufflink box suitable for all sizes of cufflinks. With a depth of 40mm, this cufflink box can accommodate all styles and designs of cufflinks. The cufflinks are held in place by elastics in a matching colour to her the base pad.

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Luxurious collection of high quality real hard wooden boxes to display your jewellery. These stunning jewellery boxes are available in two colours, hi-gloss lacquered black or hi-gloss brown. The boxes are lined with an ivory PU and are supplied in a 2pc cardboard protective packer. The boxes can be printed on the inside lid liner, as can the lid of the outer protective packer.


This ring box is ideal for both wide and narrow bands and the depth allows for all sizes of regular and cocktail rings.

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Product_size 76 x 76 x 29mm
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