A jewellery box can be a beautiful thing. They usually contain and carry items of not just great monetary value but most importantly, items with priceless sentiments attached to them.

It might even be in the possession of the family for many generations. From a branding point of view, the jewellery box can be as valuable to a jeweller in the same way that what is inside of it is treasured by the buyer. The marginal cost of printing is small relative to the cost of the box but the increase in value far exceeds that. It’s no longer just a jewellery box, it’s your jewellery box!

In fact, you can do more with this. Instead of just printing your name and logo on the boxes (or sometimes on the outer), you can get your box custom designed! No one else will have that box. It can be based on an existing design you like that is tweaked for you, or something completely bespoke!

Next time a customer walks out with a valuable purchase, make sure that there is a reminder of your brand.  If you want to know how you can reap these benefits and print on your next purchase, just let us know!