About Us

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of Jewellery and gift packaging, Finer Packaging supplies a large collection of point of sale material and packaging to the jewellery and gift trades.

Finer Packaging’s jewellery box collections, includes wooden, leatherette and cardboard jewellery boxes along with jewellery rolls. Finer Packaging can also supply bespoke custom made and personalised jewellery boxes and gift packaging to the jewellery and gift trades. In addition a large selection of jewellery displays are available to display jewellery products.

Using gold blocking equipment as supplied by Blockmaster, another company within the Group, your company identity can be advertised, helping to promote your product and encourage sales.

You can now purchase Finer packaging jewellery boxes and products online through the website. Please go browse the product pages and check-out in the normal way. If there is a particular item of interest, please contact Finer Packaging and they will be delighted to send you a sample.

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