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We at Finer Packaging have always been pleased to serve our customers and customer satisfaction has been our goal.

As you may know, recently the Sterling has fallen substantially against the Dollar and economists do not expect it to rise significantly in the near future. This has led to the inflation of prices all over. Due to this our raw materials costs have greatly increased.
We have made every attempt to avoid the increase but unfortunately, we are left with no option, but to marginally increase our prices. We are confident, nonetheless, that you will find the quality of our products, even in light of these new prices, to be reasonable and competitive.
The new prices will be effective from 20th February 2017. Whilst, we are unhappy about this announcement, we are confident that you will continue to be pleased with our superior products.
We look forward to continued business together for the foreseeable future.

PS: We are also updating the online prices, but as this a more complex procedure,  there might be some differences between your order and  the final price so please enquire or ring for exact prices.


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