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Designers have developed jewellery into wearable art. As an admirer of beauty and arts, Finer Packaging have been manufacturing and supplying the UK and overseas Jewellery and Gift Trades, since 1957, with bespoke jewellery boxes and gift packaging.

Their unique and personalised bespoke jewellery boxes and gift packaging complement the full spectrum of jewellery creating an eye-catching product.

As a gift packaging supplier, Finer Packaging takes care of any detail that adds value to your brand and excites the end-customer.

The vast and extensive knowledge of the Finer Packaging team will support you every step - from the initial selection of the exact size, shape, material of the box, continuing through with choosing the perfect interior, type of closure, personalised design of the sleeve and gift carrier bag.

Finer Packaging will do it all – design, create, deliver and personalise your Bespoke Gift Packaging, committing and delivering quality and on-time orders.

Giving a gift has three stages:

I The thrill of receiving

Who can ignore a personalised carrier bag that comes with a matching box protected by a matching sleeve, waiting to be unwrapped? Finer Packaging can provide the complete gift package – from personalised and bespoke carrier bags, to matching or contrasting cardboard or leatherette sleeves, with many choice interior materials.

Personalised carrier bag that comes with a matching box sheltered by a matching sleeve, waiting to be unwrapped.

II Sizes, shapes and colours

Art comes in many shapes and forms. Finer Packaging design and deliver matching boxes for any jewellery you have created or plan to create.

Finer Packaging can provide any size & shape bespoke jewellery boxes, made of any material:

Any size and shape Finer Packaging bespoke boxes

- Their bespoke wooden jewellery boxes honour nature.

Wooden bespoke jewellery boxes

- Their cardboard boxes celebrate the amazing world of colours, textures and shapes.

Bespoke jewellery boxes

- Their matt or embossed leather-look boxes applaud the classic design.

Bespoke jewellery boxes


All packaging, boxes and display items are available in over 50 different materials and finishes; ranging from a mock crocodile, ostrich and many other luxury look leathers, to the popular PU or velvet and satin materials.

Finer Packaging have never said no to innovation, moreover they have embraced it by creating unusual, modern and novelty jewellery boxes in metal, plastic and silicone.

There are over 10 million colours in the world, and Finer Packaging are one of the few companies that can promise and deliver bespoke jewellery boxes that mirror the same colour shade the customer has wished for.

III The visual impact

The final act, of receiving a gift, is the joy of opening it, touching the interior and being amazed by the art-jewellery.
Finer Packaging can add various styles of closures to your box – from magnetic lid-closure, push-button closure or snap fasteners to classic decorative golden or silver clasps, in order to increase the fun and excitement of opening the gift.

Bespoke jewellery boxes

Moreover, the team can design and deliver any type of interior that complements the jewellery, from elegant suede interior, to velvet base pads or satin pillows. A cost-effective solution is opting for a reversible two-colour pad.

Bespoke jewellery boxes

Special projects

The Finer Packaging's world of bespoke gift packaging goes beyond jewellery boxes.

Bespoke gift boxes

The company can meet most requests, from jewellery boxes and matching bags to exotic perfume and gift boxes. The production ranges from the most original jewellery boxes, bags and displays, to the smallest pen boxes and watch cases.

Finer Packaging encourages you to contact their team today, in order to boost your creativity and add brand-value to your gift packaging.